I thrive from creating images that are meaningful to people and will continue to be meaningful to them years from now. 

After a few years of experimenting and shooting various subjects and personal projects, photography developed into a part of me, and my approach to photography has simply become an extension of my natural behavior - honest, observant, and unobtrusive.

My images have become a reflection of myself as they are about the subject. I love the documentary aspect of photography and the bits of everyday life that people take for granted. I love combining the aspects of photojournalism and art with the telling of a story in a way that also reflects who I am as a person - I immerse myself in an environment in a way that makes me present, observant, and anticipatory, yet nearly invisible and unobtrusive simply from the way I naturally behave. This allows me to capture images that have honesty, emotion, and personality.



I'm based in San Mateo, California and I photograph all throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. I'm also not afraid of airplanes, so feel free to contact me even if I'm a bit out of your area.