Working with Annie from start to finish was such a joy. I appreciate Annie’s passion for her art form, her patience, flexibility, and professionalism. Annie is a true artist and my husband and I feel privileged that she was available and willing to photograph our wedding. Annie never once posed us or told us how to look, what to do, etc. This was refreshing and made the day seem like less of a production. We got to be ourselves, and our photos reflect events and moments that actually happened. Nothing was staged. We absolutely love looking at our photos and knowing that they are an honest reflection of our wedding day.
— Megan & Zsolt

Annie has a passion for photography that was self-evident from the moment I met her, and it is perhaps this passion that brings her photos to life, as she documented perfectly the spirit and the joy of my wedding. She had an uncanny ability to capture every moment without getting in our way and asking us to repose, and when I received my photos, not only were they beautiful and flattering, but they also allowed me to relive every detail as it happened.
— Jessica & Taishi

The candid nature of Annie’s work transports you to that special day and everything you experienced. Words can’t describe how special that is.

Annie Hall is hands down the best photographer in the cosmos!
— Caitie & Jacob

Dear Annie - I know I’ve said it 1000 times already, but thank you so much for capturing our wedding day so perfectly. I never had a doubt in my mind that they wouldn’t but Leon and I were truly blown away by how natural, full of life, and beautifully shot each frame was.
— Marisa & Leon