photo by Krista May

photo by Krista May

Making imagery that will hold a special place in someone’s life and transforming a digital work into a tangible piece of art is what fulfills me.

I’ve never really been one to talk about picking up a camera at a young age and knowing instantly that I loved photography, because that’s not how it really happened. More like, my father gifted my mother a tiny silver digital camera for her birthday once, and I snuck it away to take photos of street lamps, ornate wrought iron gates, flowers, and sunsets. I then proceeded to print full color page photos on 8.5x11” copier paper with the family’s laser printer (much to the chagrin of my father) and carefully put them in my “photo album” - plastic sheet protectors in a 2” metal ring binder. That was around middle school.

More than 10 years ago, after years of shooting various subjects and personal projects, photography became a part of who I am and why I do what I do. My work is not about creating an epic image with you as human props for my latest Instagram post, but to honor and celebrate you, your families, your relationships, and your legacy.

The likes and comments that matter most to me are the moments when you’re sitting beside your family on the old squeaky couch holding that photograph a little longer than usual, remembering the way Aunt Judy always wore her statement hat with the long peacock feather or how Great Grandma Ginny’s laugh lines warmed your heart every time she rewarded you with a smile. The features I care most about are the framed images that your kids run past everyday on their way out the door for school.

I'm based in Emeryville, California and photograph all throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. I'm also not afraid of airplanes, so feel free to contact me even if I'm a bit out of your area.


My favorite thing in the morning is to wake up leisurely and prepare myself a pour over.

I can’t resist collecting miniature food magnets.

I can probably recite the entire Mean Girls movie.

My food aversion is cheese - people tell me I'm missing out, but I truly don't believe that :)

You’ll probably see a lot of my cat Lenny on my personal instagram stories.

Yes, my real name is Annie Hall, named after the 1977 Woody Allen movie. My parents thought it was a beautiful name. (And yes, I do really like the film!)