I thrive from creating images that are meaningful to people and will continue to be meaningful to them years from now. 

After a few years of experimenting and shooting various subjects and personal projects, photography developed into a part of me, and my approach has simply become an extension of what I value most in the documentary aspect of photography - the recording of a piece of history in an artful, storytelling way.

Making imagery that will hold a special place in someone’s life and transforming a digital work into a tangible piece of art is what fulfills me.

I'm based in Emeryville, California and I photograph all throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. I'm also not afraid of airplanes, so feel free to contact me even if I'm a bit out of your area. 


When I don't have a camera attached to my hand, I'm either giving my cat Lenny too many kisses, finding yet another way to rearrange the furniture in my apartment, or taking an easy ride around town on my motorcycle.

My favorite thing in the morning is to wake up leisurely and make myself a coffee. 
I love collecting miniature food magnets.
The Office is always playing on the TV in the background.
My food aversion is cheese - people tell me I'm missing out, but I truly don't believe that :)