Adriana & Alan

I struggle with words. I really do.

If I could explain in poetic language my experience of Adriana and Alan's wedding day, I would describe how the minute I met Alan and his father, I felt a sense of welcome, friendliness, and quiet humility. I would describe how as the day progressed and I met more and more members of the family and friends, I saw how an amazing group of people with all sorts of different personalities came together to celebrate the joining of two families, and Adriana and Alan.

This wedding was shot in association with Meredith Rose Photography. While editing this wedding I struggled with choosing between black and white and color. I found myself turning colors into monochrome over and over again. The venue was beautiful and colorful, but I felt that the black and white showed the heart of the image and shared the story in a more meaningful way. That is what I am always ultimately after.