The Moment Before - Groomsmen

I've posted this in a blog post a while ago, but I still love this image. I just absolutely adore it.

As it is pretty evident in my photography, I absolutely adore black and white and what it does for an image. Particularly with this image - with the color stripped away, the uniformity of the men's suits and their hands together in front of them emphasizes each groomsman's unique gesture above the neck, until we get to the very right of the image where we've got the greatest part - someone had to fix a friend's tie before they could take the picture.

I was preparing them for a formal groomsmen portrait, and I always try to take that opportunity to catch a moment from an otherwise staged image. I always take a few shots before they are actually ready and looking straight at the camera, because 9 times out of 10,  something will happen that really makes that particular moment special, even if the surrounding circumstance is, unfortunately, necessarily staged.