Mary & Conrad | Wedgewood Crystal Springs Wedding in Burlingame, CA

Mary and Conrad's wedding was the first time I was with my couple all the way until they got back into regular clothes, and it made me smile so much the whole day that my cheeks didn't stop hurting until they dropped me off at my car and we said goodbye. After their early afternoon wedding at the Wedgewood Crystal Springs golf course in Burlingame, Mary and Conrad escaped with me to take a few more photos at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. 

Throughout the day as I'm shooting, I'm always looking for the moments between people and my mind doesn't really get to take a break until I know it's all over. As we rode in the limo together, they shared with me how fast they felt the wedding went by and even small stories about their families. They relaxed, kicked back in their seats, and put down the glasses of champagne the limo driver had poured for them. Already had plenty of drinks at the reception. 

As we headed back to their place so that they could change and drop me off at my car, which was still at the venue (we played an interesting game of "Who parked where and where do I need to go to drop off who?"), I realized how amazing it was that I was able to be a part of so much about them. Back at their apartment, I was able to see a handful of prints and canvases from our engagement session displayed all over their space (and they saw me getting super excited.  I saw all the groomsmen back in their normal clothes, happy to be out of the suits, and trying to clean up some candle wax that had spilled onto a 16x20 canvas of my favorite engagement shot of them. It was absolutely fascinating to see the aftermath of a joyful day. 

Here are a few of my favorite moments.