Clos LaChance Winery Wedding Album

I recently delivered a client album from 2013's December wedding, and it was amazing seeing C.'s reaction to her album! Seeing her flip through the story of her wedding with excitement and awe really filled me with happiness :) 

Annie captured our day so well. Our pics are not just pretty pictures. They are so real and honest. Everyone I share it with says they cried when they saw our slideshow. Her photos evoke so much emotion and take you back. 

Like many of you, we got many good recommendations, and it was hard to choose. Then, someone who coordinates weddings for a living said to make sure to check out Annie Hall because Annie’s photos made her cry. And this woman has seen a LOT of weddings and even more wedding pictures. Annie was surprised when I told her who recommended her, so it was definitely an honest “I love her work” recommendation!

What stood out in Annie’s portfolio was that I could almost “feel” I was there too. We wanted photos that would transport us back to our wedding day many years from now. Plus, my husband and I are not big posers. There are so many good photographers out there who can take pretty pictures, but so happy I trusted my gut and went with Annie!

I’ve seen our pics a million times, and I STILL notice a new detail or someone’s facial expression that I haven’t noticed before. I would love to find out to know how she knows when a beautiful moment is about to happen and press the shutter... without having to say to us to hold a pose or stage it. Now that is TALENT. She was just really a fly in the wall, but was always willing to be grabbed for a group shot too! 

Oh, and I highly recommend the storyteller album. The quality of the photos is just impeccable! Worth the splurge...

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