Megan and Zsolt | Santa Barbara Courthouse Sunken Gardens Wedding and Olio E Limone Ristorante Dinner Reception

"Zsolt's parents are coming from Transylvania. They've never been in a plane or seen the ocean, and they don't speak any English."

A few months ago, Megan and Zsolt and I were sitting at a little taqueria eating what Zsolt described as "one of the best tacos he's ever had," discussing their wedding plans, and talking about all the little things they were incorporating. Zsolt's parents were coming all the way from Romania and literally bringing a piece of home for the wedding. 

Megan and Zsolt took their tiny Santa Barbara wedding and truly made it their own. With a modest group of family, they had an intimate ceremony at the Sunken Gardens in the Santa Barbara Courthouse. There, they combined soil from Romania with American soil into their potted plant, watered it together, and read their own vows to each other. Everyone at the wedding then walked together as Megan and Zsolt's own entourage through downtown Santa Barbara to their dinner reception at Olio E Limone Ristorante. 

Wine was plentiful, the conversations were colorful, and the toasts were heartfelt. Zsolt translated for his parents as Zsolt's father and Megan's father clinked wine glasses abundantly throughout the evening. 

Congratulations Megan and Zsolt! Your wedding was absolutely wonderful and I am so honored you allowed me to document it so honestly and beautifully. 

Makeup and Hair: Noelle from Chateau Belle
Ceremony venue: Sunken Gardens at Santa Barbara Courthouse
Restaurant: Olio E Limone Ristorante