Caitie & Jacob | Glen Annie Golf Course Wedding - Santa Barbara, CA

I met Caitie and Jacob back when a whole bunch of us UCSB college students worked at a little dining common called Ortega. The free meals weren't hard to pass up and I'm sure most of us who worked there ate better than most college students. I first met Caitie when she substituted a shift for someone I normally worked with. We got along immediately, and I still remember goofing off at the beverage station we called "Square" and drawing on napkins. 

Throughout our time at UCSB, I've photographed Caitie several times, and both Caitie and Jacob have seen me grow as a photographer right through my budding years, doing freelance stuff, working as a photo editor for the school newspaper, and finally a full time photographer right after I graduated.

Jacob proposed to Caitie via a website on April 1st (yup, everyone thought it was an April Fool's joke). I was absolutely thrilled for them, and I knew that no matter what, I would find a way to shoot their wedding. They officially got married a few months ago in a Catholic church, but wanted to have another ceremony where they could write their own vows and have their friends present. She wanted family formals to be kept at a bare bones minimum, to the point where she almost didn't want any at all. I always appreciate when the bride and groom just want to spend time hanging out, talking, and laughing with their friends. That's when the coolest stuff happens, anyway. :) 

Caitie & Jacob said their own vows to each other in front of family and friends at the Glen Annie Golf Course, gave each other plenty of high fives throughout the day, and had their first dance to the theme song of the Robot Unicorn Attack game. They weren't shy about smashing the cake into each other's faces, either.

Congratulations, Caitie & Jacob! Thank you for letting me capture your moments.