Diana & David | San Francisco City Club Wedding

David waited anxiously at the front of the ceremony and knew that at any moment, Diana was supposed to walk out and they'd see each other for the first time. The music came to a pause, everyone looked towards the main doors, and it fell silent for a moment.


Diana's distinctive laugh echoed from the other room through closed doors, and the entire room burst out laughing with her.


This, I believe, is what describes their wedding in the simplest way possible. However, it's so much more than that. Diana and David's wedding at the City Club of San Francisco was touching, personal, and just SO FUN. Their table seating area had a note that said, "If your name isn't here it means you are crashing this wedding... you better be funny!" To make them kiss, you had to sing a song, not clink your champagne glass. All those little details made the moments even sweeter. Enjoy!

Holy Cow I just went through these really quick. They are PERFECT!!!! Thank you so much for being our photographer. I loved every photo you took!
— Diana & David