Sindy & Nick | Brazilian Room Tilden Park Wedding in Berkeley, CA

"Nick and I made our own wedding rings." 
When I first heard Sindy casually tell me that she and Nick made their own wedding rings, my mouth dropped, eyes widened, and immediately I thought, Where can I do that myself when I get married?!

This came up during our lunch meeting a few weeks before the wedding when I asked her if she wanted her dress / rings / jewelry photographed. I usually ask beforehand since some brides don't particularly care for those kinds of photographs. She wanted a photo of their wedding rings because they made their own. That's the first time I had ever heard of that! How about THAT as the ultimate wedding DIY?! :D

Sindy and Nick got married at the Brazilian Room in Tilden Park, and they had so many moments and details that fit them so well. The giant jenga blocks they made that were almost a safety hazard were a huge hit during cocktail hour. I loved that they had an Instax 210 station for the guestbook (I love instant film!) 

I loved seeing their siblings practice reading Shel Silverstein's poem "Ations" with incorporated Sindy and Nick into it. Their officiant took a moment alone to practice what he was going to say for the ceremony. Their friends and family laughed when they pulled out a full-blown volcano model from behind the table in place of a unity candle. 

The wedding was truly fantastic. It's always so humbling to have a couple want the style of photography you're offering so much that they come back to you. Thank you, Sindy and Nick, for trusting my work and my approach to photography. I'm so happy to provide you with images that will show what you and your family and friends were like!

Catering: Miraglia Catering
Guitar Player: John Chapman
DJ: King DJ Company
Cake: Ladyfingers Bakery
Florist: Sweetness & Light
Makeup/Hair: Oxana