Ning & Victor | Palacio Restaurant Wedding in Los Gatos, CA

I think just about the greatest thing that happened at the start of Ning and Victor's wedding day that really set the tone of what the whole day would be like was when one of the bridesmaids accidentally burned a gigantic hole into the maid of honor's dress with the iron. It was a mix of sheer horror, disbelief, and hilarity as Ning kept laughing all the while her mom waved a tank top around in the air to disperse the smell of burnt satin. 

The rest of the day was just pure, relaxed fun for Ning and Victor and their family and friends at the Palacio in Los Gatos, (a Victorian styled house turned restaurant which makes for a pretty unique wedding venue) featuring matching bright green Chucks, wedding bingo, a "Make Your Own Pet Rock" station, and a "Selfie Station" that Victor programmed himself!

Ning and Victor, your wedding was so laid back and you two have so much fun with each other. Thanks for asking me to document it for you!