A portrait of Natalie

Because I market myself as a documentary wedding photographer who doesn't intrude or tell people what to do on the wedding day, people will often ask if I take family formals or bride and groom photos. 

The answer is yes. Wholeheartedly yes. 

When it's designated portrait time, I know how to guide you so that you look your best in photos. I know how to guide you, and I will, because most people aren't comfortable being in front of the camera (heck, I get anxious knowing there's a camera pointed my way!). And ultimately, it will save us time, and people are always relieved to be given some direction. 

When it's not designated portrait time, I switch back to the hands-off approach. I won't have you pretending to do something or fake laugh at a joke that was never told. 

This is a portrait of Natalie.

After the ceremony, I walked around the Santa Clara campus with the bride and groom. They took me along a path and told me to stop them whenever I saw something cool. I saw some strong directional light along the side of the Technology Center building and said, "OOH!" 

I asked Natalie to hold her veil with her hands together, look down to her side, and straighten her back. (Straighten it so much that it feels weird, but it'll look good. I promise.)
 Then I let the wind do its thing.