art in your home

Family photographs prominently displayed in the home help a child’s self esteem and their sense of value.

Framed print artwork of beach family session

Why Do We Get Professional Photos Done?

My goal at the end of our experience together is to hand you a finished heirloom piece of artwork for your home. It's guaranteed to be a centerpiece of the room and more importantly, a piece of history that strengthens your family's bond.

It is not enough for me to send you a link and be done with you.
Because between soccer practice, piano lessons, doctors appointments, that new project at work.... Photos on a hard drive will sit and eventually become yet another DIY you haven't gotten around to. With me, all the work and stress of finding the best products, printers, and options are already done for you. 

Images like the ones I'm going to make for you aren't meant to live only on Facebook or be another Instagram post to scroll by. Let's think larger than social media.

Images like the ones I'm going to make for you are going to be frame-worthy. Wall worthy. To be viewed by your children daily and remembered by them as they grow up.

Images like the ones I’m going to make for you are going to be part of your legacy.


Heirloom vegan leather family album

So How Does This Work?

The family portrait experience with me includes:

A custom session based on what you’re looking for
After you reach out to me, we’ll schedule a quick chat. We’ll talk about when you’d like to do the session, who it’ll include, and what would make the perfect image for you. After setting a date and location, I’ll help you with choosing outfits and making sure you’re prepared for the session. Your session will be fun and easy for everyone!

A viewing and ordering appointment in the comfort of your home
About a week after your session, you’ll see your images for the first time from the comfort of your home (even after your kids are asleep, if you’d like) and choose what you’d like to purchase. You’ll be able to see samples of the artwork I offer, and I’ll help you choose what looks best in your home. With some special software, I can also show you in real time what a gallery wall would look like in your home with the images from your session.

Personal delivery of your artwork to your doorstep
Your artwork comes to me first so that I make sure everything is perfect. I’ll personally deliver your products to your home so that all you have to do next is hang up your artwork and display your album. You don’t even have to worry about recycling the packaging because I’ll take it with me.

This investment is just $300, and during the ordering appointment you'll only buy what you love, with no minimum purchase requirement.