Name and phone number of someone who will have their phone on and with them throughout the day, preferably NOT the bride or groom.
(If photography of getting ready is included in the timeline)
(Deaths, divorces, etc? Are divorced members OK with being photographed together?)
If so, do you want to do bride/groom portraits at that time? Family portraits at that time?
(Bride & groom with bride's family, bride & groom with groom's family, etc) List up to 10 groupings. Please allow at least 3 minutes per grouping in the timeline.
(Objects with sentimental value, handmade details, etc...)
All parts of the day are given equal priority, but just a fun question for me to know!
Money dance? Surprise slideshow? Couples' anniversary dance? Let me know!
Will the DJ be announcing your entrance before you enter the reception? Sparkler / bubble exit?
If you're having a first dance, knowing ahead of time whether it's going to be a simple slow dance or a waltz will be extremely helpful to me!
Please list his/her contact information.
Ex: Cake, caterer, DJ/Band, florist, hair & makeup, bridal gown/shoes, dessert bar, etc
Please list their information here.
It's best to have the photographer eat while you eat (and preferably in the same room) so that when you're done, we can finish at the same time and get back to working!
You may either write it out here or email it to
For example, if I am scheduled to depart at 9pm and it is nearing 9:30pm, and some of the major events still haven't happened yet (such as a few toasts haven't been done, bouquet toss and cake cutting are running late), how would you most like to proceed?
Parents, aunts and uncles, cousins, friends... anybody you want to be able to see the gallery so you don't have to remember to email them later!
Did you hand make something? Are you serving your favorite whiskey? Let me know these small bits of info!