indoor ceremony

Vina Enoteca Wedding in Palo Alto

It was that weekend that rained, randomly! I thought April showers were supposed to bring May flowers, but May decided to go ahead and bring a little weeping that weekend. Thankfully the rain stopped a bit for a couple portraits at Stanford Campus, where the couple met, and brought with it a beautiful atmosphere.

(Words from Natalie)
What was the most memorable part of the day?
There were so many throughout the day that it's hard to pinpoint a particular moment as being the most memorable. There were the classic ones (the vows, the toasts, the post-ceremony hugs) and the innocuous ones (the last minute hairstyle debates, the pre-ceremony pizza, the questionable dance moves), all of them important but also fleeting. That's why we are so grateful to have such wonderful photos -- they make those moments last a little longer.

What unique detail was the most important for you to include and why?
Neither of us are big on cake and didn't care about any cake-cutting tradition, so we knew we would serve ice cream and cookies from day one. It was a big hit with everyone -- turns out a gelato cart beats wedding cake, hands down.

What came most as a surprise to you about the day?
It's not really a surprise because everyone says it, but the whole day does go by fast. It is so special to have all your friends and family in the same place; one day is not enough.

And one piece of advice to another couple?
In case of unseasonable and unexpected rain, clear plastic umbrellas ordered via Amazon Prime are a lifesaver :)

Venue: Vina Enoteca
Wedding Planner: Kristine Tsai
Florist: Henry’s Place
DJ: Jamie Tibbets
Cellist: Charles Wang
Makeup: Maddie & Blush
Hair: Jana Davies, Julian Chase Salon

Ashley and Taylor | Nighttime Buffalo Botanical Garden Wedding

A night time wedding in Buffalo, New York, my oh my! Ashley and Taylor were engaged at the Buffalo Botanical Garden. Ten short months later, they returned to become MARRIED AF!!

”What was the most memorable part of the day?”
Taylor: The most memorable part of the day for me was walking into the dome where the ceremony was going on and seeing Ashley for the first time that day. It was exciting and overwhelming and everything we had been preparing for was finally worth it. She looked amazing in that suit, didn’t she? I couldn’t help but tear up.

“What unique detail was the most important for you to include and why?”
It’s so hard to answer this question because so many things were important to me. I was pretty crazy about the music being right and on time since we didn’t hire a DJ. I wanted to prove that you didn’t need to hire a bunch of people to work your wedding. It worked out pretty seamlessly and I’m happy about that.

I also wanted to remember the rings, of course. I’m very forgetful and had full faith that someone else was taking care of that, haha.

“What came most as a surprise to you about the day?”
I was surprised with how much pressure was relieved after we said “I do.” The months of preparation, being scatterbrained, and last minute tasks finally paid off. Even though there were some hiccups, I was relaxed and had helpful people around me to make sure it was the best day of my life. I thought I’d be a lot more stressed out during the whole thing.

“If you could give one piece of advice to another couple about the wedding day, what would it be?”
Don’t rush through it. Don’t worry about having the biggest, most flashy wedding. It’s over in an instant and it’s a special moment for you and your new husband/wife, so don’t hurry through it or make it about what people will think. Just have fun and embrace the moment.

Sara and Brian | Shelldance Orchid Gardens Wedding

I can’t believe I’m finally getting around to blogging this wedding. Sara and Brian celebrated their wedding with about 50 of their closest friends and family in the tiny, cozy venue of Shelldance Orchid Gardens.

There are some weddings where I skip past the already beautiful venue and go gaga over the small moments I witness during the day, such as Sara’s mom massaging her hands as she’s getting ready and their Shiba Inu Miru who got to trot down the aisle alongside Brian.

One of the best things a couple can give me is a wide range of emotions that they’re not afraid of displaying, and Sara and Brian did just that. I truly enjoyed seeing and photographing the relationships between their friends and family. <3

Venue: Shelldance Orchid Gardens
Catering: Jersey Tomatoes
Dress: Lovely Bride
Cake: Noe Valley Bakery
Hair/Makeup: Sasha Salon

Madison & Matt | Moniker Warehouse Wedding in San Diego, CA

Madison and I went to university together, and I remember very distinctly how I wanted to photograph her because of how passionate of a person she was. I was so honored that she flew me down to document her wedding day at the Moniker Warehouse in San Diego!

Music: Mike Wilson -
Tables: Cedar and Pine Events -
Catering: CV BBQ -

Sherin & Pankaj | A Small Bohemian Wedding at the Sunnyside Conservatory

I'm thrilled to share Sherin & Pankaj's small wedding at the Sunnyside Conservatory!

What I loved most about documenting their day was how much it was about connecting with their friends and family.

Sherin & Pankaj's apartment was just the right place to get ready together, between having Sherin's long-time best friend do her makeup, choosing which shoes to wear together, and just having the entire getting ready experience feel so comfortably day-to-day. 

Their set up at the Sunnyside Conservatory's intimate space encouraged mingling and connection. Everything just felt so casual, laid back, and honest - some of the best feelings to have on a day that's usually associated with being hectic and fast!

The cutest honest moment was when I caught the grin from Sherin immediately after someone handed her her bouquet and whispered "You forgot your bouquet for the ceremony!" at the last moment that she and Pankaj were walking down the aisle as a married couple.

Towards the end, we just took a short walk around the property for about 15 minutes and made a few portraits. Then they were right back to joining their closest friends. 

Natalie & Gabe | Disney Inspired Mission Santa Clara & Four Seasons Silicon Valley Hotel Wedding

During the start of our wedding planning, we were not completely sure what to look for in a photographer. Sure, we were able to differentiate between sample photos we liked and disliked, but did not come to elaborate and understand the style we desired until meeting with multiple photographers. Over time we became confident that a photojournalistic approach was ideal for our wedding and looked for Bay Area vendor that shoot in this style.

After stumbling upon Annie's website, we were quickly enamored with her portfolio and knew we have found the right person! All of the engagement, wedding, and family photographs looked like timeless pieces of art, ones that we knew would retain their elegance many decades after our wedding. The final decision to go with Annie Hall came after meeting her over a video call and realizing that we had a lot in common in terms of temperament, age, and activities. We were certain that we could easily work with this person on the day of our wedding.

This was further simplified with Annie's hands off approach -- we did not verbally interact with her during most of the events as she has the vision to capture natural moments of family members laughing with joy, a sneak kiss between the bride and groom, or a playful brawl at the cocktail bar between excited guests.

What truly made the day spectacular was that Annie did not feel like a vendor to us; we saw her as a friend. Both Annie and her second photographer Tyler took the time to get to know us personally prior to the wedding, the first time on an exciting trip to a redwood forest for the engagement shoot, and again to go over final logistics before the wedding.

We wholeheartedly recommend Annie Hall Photography for anyone looking for a photojournalistic approach to their wedding. Not only were we greatly satisfied with the experience but are also extremely happy with the quality of the final photos. Annie is professional, funny, polite, and responds quickly to customers!


Natalie and Gabe, you are both such amazing (and absolutely adorable!) people! I'm so happy you chose me to document your day, and thank you for putting your trust in me!

Jenn & Colby | Moraga Valley Presbyterian Church, Rossmoor Event Center Wedding

On a warm Friday night in June, Jenn, Colby, and I endured a well-worth-the-wait-in-line to indulge at Mama Lu's in Monterey Park. As we chatted about the wedding in between bites of dumplings and beef rolls, Colby admitted, "I'm definitely going to be crying a lot." 

As a documentary photographer who lives for moments and emotions, that was the greatest thing to hear. Crazy fancy venues and bouquets larger than a Bernese Mountain Dog are cool, but nothing gets me more excited than seeing a couple and their family and friends completely lose it during an impromptu speech, or when the couple goes off into their own world together during portrait time.

Thank you Jenn and Colby for letting me document your day!

Hair & Makeup: Love and Artistry
Caterer: Simply Elegant Catering
Cake: Sheng Kee Bakery
Florist: Jun Hun Chun