The best moments emerge when people don't notice a photographer.


Because of this, I aim to be unobtrusive and invisible while I'm working so that you'll be able to recall not only what happened at your wedding, but more importantly, how you felt, through a beautiful set of carefully curated images.


This doesn't mean I'll stand in a corner in all black with a giant sniper lens the whole time.

You'll see me with you on the dance floor, moving among the guests during cocktail hour, and being there for all the congratulations and hugs after you've just kissed as newlyweds.

I'll laugh when I hear a good joke and applaud with the rest of the guests after an incredible, heartwarming speech.


Behavior that doesn't scream "Hey everyone! I'm the photographer!" lends itself to more genuine interactions and moments from your loved ones and images that have feeling, movement, and emotion.

By being unobtrusive and invisible, I stay mobile, adaptable, and anticipatory. You won't have to worry about excessive flash and softboxes or giant reflectors that can block your guest's view and make your whole wedding feel like you're on set of a huge studio production.

Nothing staged "just for the picture."

I won't instruct the best man to help the groom put on his jacket and then give him a hug, all while standing in front of the window “just for the picture” if the jacket had already been put on 20 minutes ago. (“Wait, do that again except look to your left instead of your right.”) I'd rather show the guys comparing pocket squares with each other, or frantically googling how to tie a double windsor five minutes before they were supposed to leave.

people and relationships are a priority.

I won't stage moments or add something into a scene for the sake of a pretty picture that looks straight out of Vanity Fair, or be so distracted by the table settings or a pair of shoes that I don't notice you and your best friend sharing a silent “Oh my gosh, you're getting married!” moment. I make sure to get that stuff too, but in a year, two, or ten - the photographs that will matter most will be the people, the relationships, and what makes us human. 


Packages start at $3700 and include at least 7 hours of coverage, 400+ high resolution un-watermarked images on a USB drive, and 100 4x6 prints. 

Send me an email to view full my full pricing and FAQ page, and we can schedule a meeting to start the booking process and check out my albums in person.


The first heirloom of your new family.

I do the image selection and design work for you.
You simply take a quick look and let me know if you want to make any changes. 

You'll have a beautiful, handmade heirloom-quality leather album in your hands sooner than it would have taken you to find time to make a scrapbook in between your busy schedules and newly married lives.


If you want to concentrate on enjoying the day and making memories with your loved ones rather than feel like the day is a photo shoot with a photographer telling you what to do all day, we've already got a good thing going on.

Absolutely. Traditional posed family portraits are still important documentations of family history, and often end up in a beautiful frame on a wall to be seen for many years. We will work together to make sure we have a list of family formals that are important to you so that on the wedding day, we can make them quick and painless for everyone.

Me too! I understand how nerve-wracking being in front of a camera can be (I myself get anxious when I know I'm being photographed!). For bride and groom photos and family formals, I will definitely give some direction and guidance so that you look your best. I won't pull you away from your wedding for 3 hours to take photos. You let me know how much time you'd like for portraits of just the two of you. I generally recommend at least a solid half hour alone together. 

The rest of the time, please enjoy your day with your loved ones and just ignore me! 

You'll get to see your online gallery around 4-6 weeks after your wedding, but I try to get it to you quicker than that, depending on the season. Products will be shipped after the online gallery is delivered.

For an average 7 hour wedding, I typically deliver between an average of 400-500 final images. This number may vary depending on the number of guests you have, how many events you have (such as cake cutting, bouquet/garter toss, first look, dancing), any special events (lawn games, a flash mob) and how much time we allow for bride and groom portraits. I carefully select the best images from the day, weeding out unflattering and repetitive photos. Ultimately, I want you to experience a set of solid photographs that tell a complete story without overwhelming you.
     Of course, all packages include your un-watermarked high resolution images with a license for personal use.

A 30% non-refundable retainer is required along with a signed contract to officially reserve your date. Everything is done online, and I accept all major credit cards. Send me a message and we can start the booking process!